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Shubham kumar

Chat GPT: Free Access and Premium Plan


Chat GPT is a popular tool that many people are using. It has a simple interface, but it lacks certain features in the free version. However, there is a premium plan available that offers more options and lifetime access. In this blog, we will explain how you can access Chat GPT 4 for free and the benefits of upgrading to the premium plan.

Accessing Chat GPT 4 for Free

To access Chat GPT 4 for free, you need to search for the "Bang AI" app on your mobile screen. This app provides an interface to Chat GPT 4. Once you open the app, you will see the Chat GPT 4 board. Enable the option and sign up to generate your own images, use voice commands, and even create customized backgrounds. You can edit images, modify backgrounds, and make full use of the available tools.

The Premium Plan

If you want more features and tools, you can upgrade to the premium plan. By subscribing to the plus program, you can access the AI assistance provided by Dell's AI. This allows you to generate photos, access additional features, and enjoy lifetime access. The premium plan requires a monthly payment of $20, which may not be affordable for everyone. However, there is a workaround for this.

The Hack for Chat GPT 4

If you cannot afford the premium plan, don't worry! I have a solution for you. By subscribing to the channel and liking the video, you can get a subscription for Chat GPT 4 for free. This hack allows you to access all the features and tools offered by the latest model of Chat GPT without having to make any payments.


In conclusion, Chat GPT 4 is a powerful tool that can be accessed for free or through a premium plan. The free version provides a simple interface, while the premium plan offers more features and lifetime access. If you cannot afford the premium plan, you can use the hack mentioned above to enjoy all the benefits of Chat GPT 4 without any cost. Make sure to subscribe to the channel and stay tuned for more helpful content. Thank you!

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